Quality Management

In order to guarantee our high quality standards as well as reliability and safety of our products, we supervise and control the whole production process:

  1. SILENT-YACHTS join forces with Italian, Spanish and German designers as well as naval architects.
  2. SILENT-YACHTS is the owner of the design, the brand and the knowhow on which every SILENt yacht is built on.
  3. SILENT YACHTS team up with experienced shipyards which are well known since decades for the quality and durability of their products. The same Shipyards produce yachts for Feretti, Wider and Pershing – only to name a few.
  4. SILENT-YACHTS applies a three level controlling system in order to assure accordance with the quality characteristics we defined for your yachts.
    • Two external naval architects (Italians) work full time on site visiting the production facilites every single day to ensure the high quality standards of Sillent Yachts
    • A technical surveyor (German) from our team checks and controls all steps of the production in close collaboration with the external naval architects and visits the shipyard every second week
    • AN external marine surveyor checks the accomplishment of all milestones and the compliance with CE and other regulations on behalf of SILENT-YACHTS and our customers
  5. Materials: mo matter where the shipyard is located, ALL components come from well renowned brands (like Miele, Bosch, Gianneschi, Kohler, Grohe, Haeffele) with a worldwide service network.
  6. All parts of a SILENT yacht, especially the powertrain, the energy production- and storage system are installed by our own technicians which we fly in with the parts. The same team of engineers is available for worldwide service and warranty if required.
  7. On a SILENT yacht all vital components e.g. batteries, propulsion, power generation etc. are redundant and can be serviced remotely via internet. So the same person that installed your drivetrain is available for remote service and adjustments and will even fly in from Europe or the US if necessary.

These seven points assure the expected high quality level, safety and longevity of SILENT yachts. They involve a significant financial effort, an investment which is well applied for our customer’s most precious time of the year. An investment which pays back very soon, as SILENT yachts require significantly less maintenance than other comparable yachts.