Naval Architecture: Enrique Castilla / Insenaval
Exterior and Interior Design: Marco Casali / Too Design
Concept and innovation: Michael Köhler / Silent Yachts

Length overall: 23,95 m
Length waterline: 23,70 m
Beam overall: 10.95 m
Draft: 1.25 m
Light displacement: 48 tons
Water: 1.000 L
Waste-water: 2 x 1.000 L
Fuel: 3.000 L
Standard motors (electric): 2 x 80 kW
Solar Panels 70 / 25.000 Wp
Battery capacity: 240 kWh
CE Certification A: 14; B: 18; C: 24; D: 40

The Silent Advantage

100% Solar Powered «
Unlimited Cruising Range «
Lifetime Maintenance-free Motors «
Noiseless and Fume-less Luxury Navigation «
No Heat Build-up «
Highest Quality Materials & Craftsmanship «
Safest Marine Propulsion System «
25-year Solar Panels Warranty «
10-year Battery Banks Warranty «

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SILENT 80 Exterior Views

SILENT 80 Deck Views

SILENT 80 Interior Views

SILENT 80 360 Grad Panorama

2×50 kW


Noiseless cruising without any emissions, with unlimited range. The sound of the waves is like music in your ears and there is nothing disturbing this feeling. No struggling with the sails, no pesky ropes, and no diesel engine.

Significantly lower purchasing price and maintenance costs, nearly no maintenance work, operational costs close to nothing and highest level of security and reliability.

2×250 kW


The “E-Power” version comes with stronger dual e-motors than the “Cruiser” and more powerful batteries banks. This allows double the power and speed of the “Cruiser version”.

2×220 HP + 2×14 kW

Hybrid Power

With the “Hybrid Power” version, a hybrid of powerful diesel engines together with the electric motors achieve top speeds of 20+ knots.

    Sky Sails

The “Sky Sails” version features a towing kite with full automatic control. The SILENT yachts as well as the Sky Sails Yacht Kite System are adapted to complement each other perfectly, offering noiseless cruising and unlimited range but without any emissions. Conventional sails require a lot of space on the deck as well as maintenance and create shade on the solar panels. The SkySails kite flies in altitudes of between 100 and 150m where the winds are much stronger, so the kite generates up to 25 times more power per square meter.

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