During the month of October, this year’s Sea Trial Season in Mallorca finally came to an end. While 2020 continues to remain quite eventful to say the least, we are happy to report that the interest to experience solar powered yachting on board of our SILENT 55 was larger than ever before. Our crew was able to welcome a large number of guests and introduce them to the magical experience of what we love to refer as sailing with the sun. One of the highlights surely was to have renowned European Angel Investor & Disruption Expert, Frank Thelen and his wife, Nathalie, on board to spend a beautiful afternoon off the coast of Santa Ponça. Their overwhelming enthusiasm for our vision of sustainable, nextgen yachting was truly encouraging for the entire SILENT-YACHTS team.

After concluding the season, our SILENT 55 left Mallorca towards the coast of Italy, passing beautiful sights along the French Riviera such as the charming island of Hyeres as well as Nice and Monaco. Located south-west off Genoa, she finally reached her destination port in Varraze little more than a week ago, where she is currently being serviced.

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