Attention To Detail Craftsmanship &
Quality Management

We take pride in our work, seek perfection in execution and pay utmost attention to detail. Our artisans often have generations of experience in the field of crafting vessels of impeccable quality. These valuable skills in combination with the SILENT-YACHTS quality management system make sure that every single customer experiences the satisfaction they deserve even long after first receiving their, very personal, SILENT-YACHT.

In order to guarantee highest quality standards in combination with reliability and safety, we supervise and control the entire production process.

  • Designers and Naval Architects from Italy and Germany.
  • The design, brand and know-how are property of SILENT-YACHTS.
  • Shipyards: For decades our craftsmen have been well known for their high-quality standards and the durability of their products.

  • Materials: All technical components are supplied from trusted European brands with a worldwide service network.

  • All components of the powertrain as well as the energy production and storage systems are personally installed by our field technicians. The same team of engineers is available for worldwide service and warranty if required.
  • All vital components such as batteries, propulsion and power generators can be serviced remotely via the internet.
  • Controlling: We have established a three-level controlling system in order to ensure that the production process matches our requirements:

  • a.) Experienced naval architects work full time on visiting the production facilities on a daily basis to assure that the highest quality standards are being met.

  • b.) German technical surveyors control all steps of the production in close collaboration with the naval architects and visit the shipyard every second week.

  • c.) An external marine surveyor monitors the accomplishment of all milestones and the compliance with CE and other regulations on behalf of SILENT-YACHTS and our customers.

Our Awards