During the past weeks SILENT-YACHTS participated in two very different events and both were an important step to inform people face to face about the groundbreaking concept of our solar-powered yachts – and how these luxury catamarans look and function in reality.

A SILENT 55 was presented at the Singapore Yacht Show and already before the event SILENT-YACHTS received a lot of media attention. The renowned magazine „boat attitude“ introduced us as „..the much-anticipated SILENT 55, a fully solar-electric catamaran by SILENT-YACHTS, the world’s first and only producer of ocean-going solar-powered catamarans“. Also, the American publisherBloomberg reported about the SILENT 55 as „one of the show´s standouts“.

The catamaran on display attracted enormous attention during the four days and the visitor’s interest exceeded our expectations. During and after the yacht show, our SILENT 55 has been covered again in international press releases, making the Singapore Yacht Show a huge success for SILENT-YACHTS.

About the same time, CEO Michael Köhler and International Sales Manager Marcello Maggi took part in the Family Office Forum organized by Prestel & Partner at the Hotel Nassauer Hof in Wiesbaden.  At this event with more than 50 lectures, case studies and round table discussions about sustainability and environmental impact, more than 150 experts and investors met in order to exchange information, introduce investment opportunities and to network.

The next event where a SILENT yacht will be presented on a show will be the Cannes Yachting Festival, which takes place from 10th to 15th September 2019. But already from June you can have a close encounter with one of our SILENT catamarans in Barcelona and in Greece – visiting for a sea trial or by chartering and enjoying SILENT, luxurious and eco-conscious holidays….