What about maintenance and warranty?

  • Virtually no maintenance – batteries, panels and e-motors are free of maintenance. Service interval for the only part you must look (the 2 bearings of the e-motor) after about 100.000 hours. Then the costs to exchange the 2 bearings is about 100 USD
  • The batteries have a warranty of 10 years, in 12 or 15 years you will get Lithium batteries of latest technology for less money than today.
  • The solar panels guaranteed lifespan 25 years – the same like with the batteries – in 25 years solar panels will be cheaper and more efficient.
  • Only the small generator which is on board for safety reasons needs some attention. Last year we spent 300 USD for the service of the Generator on our demonstration yacht – ridiculous for about 4.000 miles on e-motors…
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