The Sky Sails System is available as an option for all SILENT-YACHTS models. The price is almost similar to a complete performance rigg (including sails, all winches, rails, blocks, ropes, mast, boom, stays and all other parts and reinforcements required for a standard rigg) but Sky Sails comes with the big advantages of a kite:

  • does not create any shade on the solar panels, which doubles the energy production per day.
  • has a much higher performance than a sail on courses from 90 – 180 °.
  • significantly less and lower cost maintenance than sails
  • safer, quieter, up-to-date technology

An article about the cooperation between Sky Sails and SILENT-YACHTS you can find here. More details about the Sky Sails system you can find in this document.

Sky Sails is NOT available for the SILENT55, which has the sail option instead, as the Sky Sails System which is currently  available is too big for the 55.