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Do you offer sustainable materials on board?2021-08-04T15:07:47+02:00

Yes, we do. You have a choice to choose between premium sustainable materials such as bamboo, flax fibre, basalt fibre and cork. They help shape a unique yachting experience while significantly reducing the overall footprint on the environment. For more details, please visit our dedicated sustainability chapter. 


What is the meaning of the number in each of the SILENT-YACHTS model names?2021-08-04T15:18:25+02:00

The number of each model (SILENT 55, SILENT 60, SILENT 80) indicates the overall length of the yacht in feet.   

Which boating license do I need?2021-08-04T15:19:09+02:00

If you would like to cruise trans oceans with your SILENT-YACHT, you have to own a license that permits you to cruise a boat up to 24 meters and 300 GRT without limitation of distance to coast or minimum 20nm (preferably 200nm) distance from coast. It is mandatory that you own a license which is recognized internationally.  

What about the CE-A Certification? What does it mean for the buyer?2021-08-04T15:19:42+02:00

All boats available on the market are classified according to four different CE categories. 

Category A – Ocean: This is the certification level with the toughest standards and covers vessels of 40’ and over which are designed to be self-sufficient for extended voyages. It is defined as the “category of boats considered suitable for seas with significant wave heights of up to 23 feet (7 meters) and winds of Beaufort force 9 (41-47 knots) or less, but excluding abnormal conditions such as hurricanes.” 

Category B – Offshore: Boats operating offshore with winds to 40 knots and significant seas to 13 feet. 

Category C – Inshore: Boats operating in coastal waters and large bays and lakes with winds to force 6, up to 27 knots, and significant seas 7 feet high. 

Category D – Inland or sheltered coastal waters: boats in small lakes and rivers with winds to force 4 and significant wave heights to 18 inches. 

All our yachts are CE-A certified, which is the highest level of certification obtainable in Europe. As a result, all SILENT-YACHTS are true ocean cruisers designed to circumnavigate the world.

What are advanced sea trials?2021-08-04T15:21:01+02:00
The goal of advanced sea trials is to experience solar powered yachting first-hand and receive a personal introduction to understand the technology and its benefits in order to be able to make an informed purchase decision.
How much does it cost to operate a solar powered yacht?2021-08-04T15:21:27+02:00

The operational costs of a solar powered yacht are far lower in comparison to regular diesel-powered motor yachts. The main reason here fore is the fact that an electric drivetrain only has two moving parts in comparison to the hundreds of moving components of an internal combustion engine. Virtually no maintenance means virtually no maintenance costs. Secondly, refueling the conventional yacht with diesel makes up for a significant proportion of the operational costs. Recharging a SILENT with the help of the sun however is free. 

How much does it cost to purchase a SILENT yacht?2021-08-04T15:21:55+02:00

The base price of our models are as follows: 

SILENT 55 €1.97 Mio. 

SILENT 60 €2.18 Mio. 

SILENT 62 3-Deck €2.42 Mio. 

SILENT 80 €4.92 Mio. 

SILENT 80 3-Deck € 5.51 Mio. 

The exact pricing depends on the individual specification and configuration of the yacht.

Are there different cabin configurations for each SILENT yacht model?2021-08-04T15:22:26+02:00

Yes, every model in our range offers a variety of different cabin configurations to suit different needs. On our website you can find the standard cabin configuration of each model. If you would like to take a look at further cabin configurations, please get in touch with our team and they will provide you with the respective model brochures which showcase all options.


What are the main advantages of a solar powered SILENT-YACHTS?2021-08-04T15:22:57+02:00

In terms of the actual yachting experience, SILENT-YACHTS offer virtually unlimited range with zero emission. Furthermore, noiseless cruising makes sure you will have relaxing time on board.

The solar electric drivetrain is not only the safest marine propulsion system, in comparison to regular internal combustion engines there is virtually no maintenance required as well.

From an operations point of view, there are 8 years of warranty on the battery banks, 25 years on the solar panels and life-time warranty on the electric motors. Every SILENT yacht is CE-A certified and therefore offers full trans-ocean crossing capabilities.

What is the difference between a solar powered SILENT yacht and a conventionally powered yacht?2021-08-04T15:23:30+02:00

Conventional motor yachts are powered by diesel- or gas-engines. Additionally, they have a generator on board to supply all household appliances. Hence, depending on the size of the yacht, a total number of 3 or 4 diesel-engines are used to provide propulsion and feed the household devices with energy.

Sailing-yachts need a diesel-engine too. Depending on the operational area as well as the wind- and weather-conditions, a diesel-engine is required in addition to the sails for the propulsion of the boat. When anchoring in a quiet bay, the diesel-engine also ensures the energy-supply of the household appliances on board.

As most yachts use gas for cooking, the open flame not only heats up the interior but also causes an imminent threat. Furthermore, on many yachts the consumables like water and energy are managed in a way that enforces the skipper to visit a marina every two or three days to charge the batteries and to buy water for shower and drinking.

Lastly, a conventionally powered boat has a range of 300 to 500 nautical miles before needing to refill the diesel-engine. The use of a combustion-engine is, of course, inevitably also combined with noise, exhausts and oily films in the water.

In comparison, a SILENT-YACHT stores the energy generated through the solar panels in large capacity batteries. This electrical energy is used for propulsion and well as powering all household appliances on board. All this happens completely noiseless, without vibrations and pollution while also offering the possibility of having virtually unlimited range.


Why are there no wind generators?2021-08-04T15:10:14+02:00

During the testing phase of the Solarwave 46 Prototype, Michael & Heike gathered extensive experiences with the usage of wind generators as well. The energy they generate does not compensate for the energy loss they produce by throwing shade on the panels. When turning at high speeds, wind generators are also very noisy and do not create a SILENT cruising experience. Depending on their placement, they are also quite dangerous, potentially creating serious safety hazards. 

Can the generator charge depleted batteries and power the ship including all the appliances on board while the boat is underway?2021-08-04T15:11:29+02:00

Yes. The generator can recharge the battery whenever necessary. However, it is generally not required to start the generator for the operation of any of the household appliances on board. It is also not required to start the generator for higher cruising speeds. It merely functions as a backup in case you travel longer distances at high cruising speeds 

What about a adding a regular sail or kite sail?2021-08-04T15:12:17+02:00

As regular sails would throw a lot of shade on the panels which leads to a significant decrease in energy, all our models are available with an optional kite sail system instead. 

 In comparison to a regular sail, the fully automatic towing kite has several advantages: 

  • No shade created on the panels 
  • Up to 10x more towing power created per m2 
  • Less maintenance required 
  • Lower maintenance costs 

In conclusion, for all sailors who would love to make use of the wind as well, it perfectly complements the trademark SILENT-YACHTS solar electric drivetrain as an effective addition.

Is there a video showcasing the energy generation & consumption of your yachts in realistic scenarios?2021-08-04T15:12:58+02:00

Yes, you can check out our SLENT 80 energy generation & consumption video here: 

The storyline takes you along on a trip of two days in order to showcase a variety of realistic scenarios, based on the SILENT 80 E-Power + version. It will show you exactly how different situations affect the production and overall energy management with the help of the solar panels, electric motors and lithium battery banks on board. 

Which propulsion systems does SILENT-YACHTS offer?2021-08-04T15:13:47+02:00

All our models are powered by our unique solar electric drivetrain. It consists of market leading solar panels, powerful electric motors, state-of-the-art lithium batteries and an efficient back-up generator. This system produces enough power in order to supply energy for propulsion as well as all onboard appliances. For more details, please visit our dedicated technology chapter.  


How many kW do the solar panels generate?2021-08-04T15:15:11+02:00

The amount of power generated by the solar panels in total depends on the specific model. Here and the individual peak power figures of each SILENT yacht: 


  • 10 kWp 


SILENT 60 & SILENT 62 3-Deck  

  • 17 kWp 


SILENT 80 & SILENT 80 3-Deck 

  • 26 kWp 
Which company builds the electric propulsion system?2021-08-04T15:17:47+02:00

The electric propulsion system is built in-house by using highest quality industrial grade products. Our specific configuration of every individual component makes the resulting system unique.


Can SILENT-YACHTS be used for commercial use such as passenger ferries?2021-08-09T19:31:39+02:00

While commercial uses are not part of our regular model range, we have already customized our solar powered yachts for such situations in the past. The SILENT 55 has been built as a passenger ferry. Therefore, we would kindly ask you to get in touch with us in order to evaluate potential commercial usage regarding your specific needs. 



Who takes care of warranty?2021-08-09T15:30:07+02:00

All the warranty is taken care of by our respective partners.

How does the order process work?2021-08-04T15:06:01+02:00

Your order will be forwarded directly to the product manufacturers. Once they receive your order, they will provide you with the payment details. The order itself will be dispatched once your payment has been confirmed. Shipping times vary and are specified on the dedicated product page.  

Which products are offered in the webshop?2021-08-04T15:06:57+02:00

Our webshop offers a variety of products which all align with our vision of sustainable yachting. All electric water toys available guarantee adrenaline with zero emission and represent the very best from their particular segment. You can choose between the e-surfboards from Awake, e-lift foil from Lift and the SILENT-YACHTS edition water scooter from our partner SeabobThe solar charger from Alto Solar comes in very handy when you want to keep your gadgets charged during your adventures on land. If you want to clean your yacht in the most environmentally friendly way possible, our partner Eco-Marine are the champions when it comes to sustainable cleaning products. Last but not least, our scale models make a formidable statement, may it be at your office or at home. 

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