I would not even consider buying another boat!

Klaus Obermeyer, Emmy Award Winner

You are not just selling boats – you are the actual leading edge of a crucial and much overdue revolution to sustainable transport!

Klaus Obermeyer, Emmy Award Winner

Having designed and built the Island Pilot DSe 12m (diesel/solar-electric powered cruising cat), I understand and appreciate the fantastic accomplishment you have achieved with the SILENT-YACHT. Congratulations!

Reuben Trane, CEO of Island Pilot Shipyard

This one man [Elon Musk] single handedly forced an entire industry to go electric, as a matter of fact if they don’t all go electric now they will soon die. I would like to see the same thing happening for boating.

Klaus Obermeyer, Emmy Award Winner

Stay with this strategy – you will be the winner in the long run. In any case ecologically.

Adolf Kunkel, Germany

SILENT-YACHTS is an unique, wonderful project that illustrates the opportunities and perspectives of solar and energy-independent mobility. Full batteries instead of empty fuel tank at the end of a journey – with all the fun and comfort for free!

Gernot Apfelstedt from Boote magazine, Germany

With your SILENT-YACHTS you not only show a technical solution, but also demonstrate a way of life, which shows that it can go without pollutant emissions. 

Robert Schoblick, Publisher of e-motion.net

The people do not know how much money and trouble they could save themselves by reading your book – « Energy supply on yachts » (written by CEO Michael Köhler).

Jens Steinhaus, Germany

A sensational pioneering achievement in terms of electric mobility! That’s the future!

Peter Geisler, Germany

You are Heroes, Pioneers! The book of history, should have a golden page with YOU and your accomplishments in it!

George Kakissis, Greece

Nothing is beautified here – no « brochure advertising » as usual! It is rather understated. The reality is still a lot more beautiful!

Stefan Merker, Germany

We agree – that was the best holiday we have spent so far!

Dr. Matthias & Uschi König, Austria

It fills me with pride to spend my first environmentally conscious holiday on your boat. In a few years, it will be something normal to spend a holiday in nature, without burdening her.

Manfred Berger, Austria

The sun shines only faintly through the cloud cover, yet the SILENT-YACHT drives. The 60 m² solar panels produce so much energy that the catamaran can drive up the Rhine (German river) with 10 km/h, despite the countercurrent. 

SWR - German national TV station

What they bring to life is important to people and hopefully helps to steer the energy policy view of things in the right direction. Thank you very much, also in the sense of my children.

ABAU - Austrian builder network, Austria

Thank you for the holiday with the SILENT-YACHT. With quiet electric motors we traveled from anchorage to anchorage. Traveling with the SILENT-YACHT is almost like being on a cruise ship.

Claus Ginthner und Heidi Possert, Austria

A great project, which you brought into the water – we are very impressed!
Many thanks for the informative trip – we hope that the solar ship will prevail in the long run!

ZDF - German national TV station

A great project, which you brought into the water – we are very impressed!
Many thanks for the informative trip – we hope that the solar ship will prevail in the long run!

ZDF - German national TV station

Heike and Michael – two, who do not talk, but make! With the motto competence and passion you stand for innovation and progress.

Reiner „Calli“ Calmund, Germany

Aside from the obvious benefits of having a solar powered yacht, I was immediately attracted to the design of the SILENT 80. To me, it was a great synthesis of form and function.

Neil Murray, Co-founder of the NASDAQ listed company mimecast.com

The SILENT 55 is the most technically advanced project to date from Austria yacht designers SILENT-YACHTS!

Jonathan Bell from Wallpaper magazine, UK

One of the most innovative world premieres to take place during Yachting Festival Cannes 2018 was the debut of the SILENT 55, the first transatlantic solar-electric production catamaran.

Vivian Hendriksz from Superyacht Times, UK


Avec un papier et un esprit de créativitéa

Everything started with a piece of white paper, a pencil and a spirit for innovation. Today, when you cross the oceans with a SILENT yacht, you are powered by pure and clean solar energy without giving up any of the exhilaration, comfort and luxury that you get from a conventional yacht.


L’énergie solaire est pour vous

SILENT-YACHTS was founded on the dream of eliminating the major downfalls of yachting as well as the disastrous effects on your wallet and the environment without sacrificing the slightest bit of luxury. The future of luxury yachting is individualistic, noiseless, self-sufficient and honouring nature and environment.


Un vrai cruiseur du monde á portée illimitée.

On a SILENT Yacht water and energy production is done on board, large freezer capacity and large storage spaces facilitate independence, infinite range and self-sufficiency for weeks. This means no fuel-stops in crowded marinas but diving in solitary bays and enjoying the sunset with a glass of wine…


Avez-vous écouté le son pur de l’eau aujourd’hui ?

Electric-motors, solar panels and batteries work without any noise. You only hear the SILENT yacht gliding through the water. Your SILENT yacht is as silent (!) as a canoe and by far quieter than a sailboat which needs a lot of wind to sail with six to eight knots.


Les seules traces de pas que vous laissez derrière vous sont celles au sable

Imagine starting every morning with an inspiring sunrise, and ending daylight with a breathtaking sunset! Watch, smell, feel nature and be aware that you take responsibility for the environment. Ease out, relax and enjoy the most beautiful and interesting places to cruise on Earth.

SILENT-YATCHS présente le premier bateau et aussi la seule production dans le monde de bateau solaire : La puissance solaire pur luxe.

Les yachts à moteur conventionnel sont alimentés au Diesel ou au gaz. Ils ont un générateur pour alimenter l’électroménager. En fonction de la taille du yacht, nous trouvons 2 ou 3 moteurs Diesel qui travaillent pour la propulsion et les appareils ménagers. Pour le voilier, nous avons besoin aussi d’un moteur Diesel pour la propulsion. Quand le yacht est ancré dans une baie calme, le moteur bruyant fonctionne pour produire l’énergie qui lui est nécessaire ; cela dépend de là où vous naviguez, du vent et de la météo.

La plupart des yachts utilisent le gaz pour la cuisine. Les flammes ouvertes chauffent l’intérieur du yacht et sont une menace permanente. Pour la plupart des yachts, il est nécessaire de s’arrêter tous les 2 ou 3 jours dans une marina pour charger les batteries et acheter de l’eau pour les douches et la boisson. Les plus grands yachts opèrent avec un dessalinisateur pour la climatisation et le générateur. Ils n’ont pas besoin de rentrer dans une marina mais ils doivent utiliser leurs bruyants moteurs dégageant des gaz d’échappement, des vibrations et aussi un léger film d’huile à la surface de l’eau.

Un bateau à moteur Diesel à propulsion peut parcourir de 300 à 500 miles nautiques. Avec un voilier, la distance peut augmenter, seulement avec un bon vent.

SILENT-YATCHS vous offre une nouvelle expérience avec la nature et les sports nautiques sans bruit et sans émission.

Nous avons développé un système modulaire et évolutif qui réduit les heures de fonctionnement du moteur Diesel : donc, la consommation du carburant est proche de zéro. Le système Silent est simple, peu de maintenance et coûte moins cher que tout moteur conventionnel. En même temps, il apporte plus de luxe, de confort, d’indépendance, de fiabilité et de sécurité.

Voulez-vous avoir plus de confort sans gaz propane à l’ancre ? Voulez-vous naviguer avec de la propulsion électrique solaire ? Etes-vous propriétaire d’un méga yacht qui veut se relaxer sans bruit et sans les vibrations d’un générateur ?