Joy for everyone


Price: 15.900,00€

The Award-winning Awake RÄVIK ONE is perfect for the riders who are looking for excitement and fun with friends and family. The wide tail and sharp edges of the Awake RÄVIK ONE provides a stable and high-performance experience to anyone who is looking for a great ride without compromising stability and ease-of-use.


Price: 16.900,00€

The Awake RÄVIK S suits the rider who is looking for an intense, adrenaline-pumping experience that enables dynamic use, no matter if you are hitting the waves for a jumping session or looking to carve around the buoys in your custom made track on the lake. Awake RÄVIK S will start turning heads wherever you take it.

Both Awake models, the RÄVIK ONE and the RÄVIK S, are available as branded SILENT-YACHTS Editions.

Developed with key principles in mind; power, speed, and precision. Awake’s electric surfboards are built for superior acceleration, sharp corners and fast straights, giving the user an unparalleled riding experience.

Crafted from high-end composites, these electric surfboards challenges the users with aggressive power. The slim rear offers rapid response and high agility, while the streamlined body design is sculpted with acute attention to hydrodynamics.

Awake’s technology standard is cutting-edge engineering; focused on mechanical and electrical precision. The core purpose at Awake is to offer extreme mobility by use of high-end technology.

Through user feedback, Awake Boards are a direct response to what the motorized surfboard market desires, resulting in patents-pending where it matters the most.

Awake’s Jet surfboard design is a leading Scandinavian expression of power and agility within a clean and elegant body. Attention has been given to features which ensure ease-of-use without compromising the thrilling riding experience.

The result is an aggressive machine made with the user in mind, infusing technical advancements with intriguing looks. From nose to nozzle, Awake’s RÄVIK boards are purpose-built speed motorized surfboards.

The awake App shows you the battery status of the exchangeable battery and the wireless throttle. Futhermore it shows you the battery temperature and the remaining runtime.

In the settings you have the option to choose between 4 speed levels: Kids, Eco, Sport und Extreme.

On the Info menu item you are getting useful tips about the awake board. By clicking Troubleshoot you can send all data of your board to the manufacturer. This will help you to solve your issue as quick as possible.