The dream of many, carefree, never-ending holidays on the water is feasible now.
 This is made possible by the solar panels installed on the roof of the SILENT-YACHTS catamarans. The recovered photovoltaic energy not only provides the power for the electric motors, but also for the comfortable life on board. Years of development and extensive testing by the manufacturer show that on a normal not too sunny day the output of the collectors is enough to generate sufficient energy for propulsion with at least 12kn in addition to all the energy needed for guests and household. When the sun is shining all day long – and that is the case at the routes preferred by holiday makers and owners – the energy yield is enough to charge the batteries while driving. This way even the carried dinghy for the shore leave and the e-bike are emission-free. The lithium-ion batteries ensure sufficient power reserves even at night and with overcast skies. When it gets cloudy for a few days, the installed generator ensures safe travel to the next port. Sometimes the generated solar energy can even be fed into the public grid and improves the holiday funds.