It is both our philosophy and our commitment to offer our customers the best available solar – powered yachts, uniquely designed and constructed, which offer unlimited worldwide range and electric motors capable of achieving speeds up to 20 knots.

Many years of research have demonstrated that a SILENT yacht can cruise up to 100 miles a day, permanently and for weeks without fuel. In addition, we are able to power all household appliances. The SILENT brand was the first of her kind… the original. Competitors have tried to copy Michael Köhler´s design and technology in order to achieve self-sufficiency; however, up to now none of them have succeeded. The SILENT system is safe, redundant and, since you are purchasing directly from the developer, reasonably priced.

The secret behind this is: Simplicity.

What is the difference between a SILENT YACHT and a conventionally powered yacht? The special configuration of the components guarantees that the solar-panels generate more power on an average day than the total consumption for propulsion at cruising speed. This includes all household appliances – on an average holiday trip to a typical holiday destination. SILENT YACHT technology ensures that long passages on solar power are a day-to-day experience.

The exceptional energy efficiency of SILENT YACHTS is achieved by:

  • Bionic design
  • Towing-tank-optimized hull-shape
  • Wind- and wave-drag optimized design
  • CNC-milling of the molds
  • Construction in carbon-composite with resin-infusion
  • Light-weight and structurally strong layout
  • Fully insulated hulls
  • Durability and long- term maintenance of value by using high quality resins

Special Features include:

  • Ergonomic design guarantees comfortable life on board
  • Innovative propulsions and technical devices grant luxury and performance at minimal cost of maintenance
  • Modular construction and efficient design facilitate creative ideas at a reasonable price
  • Luxury equipment such as dinghy garage or liftable stern-platform, as well as induction cooktop, large 230V inverter and lithium consumer-battery
  • Autonomy – unlimited range without the need to refuel, recharge or fill up the water-tanks.
  • With the water-maker you can produce up to 3 tons of fine potable water every day. In combination with the huge cooling and freezing-capacity a SILENT yacht is your personal island, offering everything you need for an independent and autonomous life for extended periods of time. There is no propane on board. All household appliances work with 220/110 Volt, just like at home.

For those rare occasions of protracted foul weather, or high cruising speed over a longer period of time, all yachts of the “Cruiser” and “Sailor” series have a diesel generator which serves as a range extender. Once the sun reappears, the batteries receive a free refill. You save substantial amounts of fuel and money, protect the environment and enjoy comfortable, relaxed sailing over long periods of time, independent of weather or external resources.