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Solarwave 64

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Silent 64


As the owner wants to update to a larger SILENT yacht, we are pleased to offer you the following yacht for sale:
SILENT-YACHTS Solarwave 64
Solarwave 64 is part of the “SILENT-YACHTS“ brand and production line of SILENT luxury catamarans, the first and only oceangoing production yachts in the world to be fully sustainable and powered by solar energy. She can be handled by two persons, is suitable for families but can also accommodate crew. SILENT 64 offers a lot of storage and is perfectly suitable for long term cruising. With this luxury catamaran it is possible to cruise 100 miles per day, endlessly, depending on the weather.

  • Construction Year: 2016

  • 4-Cabin Version

  • Full Carbon Fibre Hull

  • Hydraulic Flybridge Roof

  • Many Extras

The Solar Wave 64 was the first ever solar powered vessel of Silent-Yachts to cross the Atlantic Ocean.
The Boat is currently in Turkey. For scheduling a visit or any other questions, get in contact with