Excellence and passion are part of the SILENT-YACHTS culture. From our master craftsmanship – utilising the highest quality of materials – to the most innovative designs within the catamaran genre, SILENT-YACHTS is dedicated to providing our clients the highest degree of service and owner experience in the industry today.

Austrian Development – Italian Styling – German Controlling – European Engineering.

In order to maintain our high quality standards, as well as the reliability and safety of the SILENT YACHT brand, we supervise and control the entire production process:

  • SILENT-YACHTS collaborates with Italian and German designers and naval architects

  • SILENT-YACHTS is the owner of the design, the brand and the technology upon which every Model is built

  • SILENT YACHTS teams up exclusively with experienced manufacturers and brands who are well -known for decades for the quality and durability of their products. The same manufacturers produce yachts for Riva, Fincantieri, CRN and Ferretti…just to name a few
  • SILENT-YACHTS has developed a multi-layered system of control which ensures accordance with the quality characteristics defined for your yacht
  • Two independent naval architects serve as Project Directors, are at the production facilities every day and provide an extra level of supervision and quality control
  • One of our Technical Surveyors, in collaboration with the naval architects, visits the shipyards every other week to monitor the production process

  • An external Technical Surveyor reviews all milestone achievements, guaranteeing that each SILENT YACHT is in compliance with CE and all regulatory issues
  • Regardless of where your yacht is being built, each and every component is sourced from renowned brands such as Miele, Bosch, Kohler, Gianneschi and Haeffele. All of our suppliers are part of a worldwide network featuring hassle free after-sales service
  • All parts of a SILENT yacht, including the powertrain, energy production and storage system are installed by highly-trained members of our in-house technicians. This same team of engineers is available for global service and warranty
  • It is especially important to note that all essential components; e.g. batteries, propulsion, power generation and the like are redundant, and can be serviced remotely via internet

These vital elements of Quality Management, unique to SILENT YACHTS, enable us to deliver an exceptional standard of quality, safety, longevity and performance. Sales are obviously important. That said, our primary focus was, is and always will be to deliver a yacht which performs to your expectations and ours…one that maintains its value and justifies the investment you have made in our brand.

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