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Length overall: 16,70 m (54.8‘)
Beam overall: 8,46 (27.7‘)
Draft: 1.20 m (3.9‘)
Light displ. (EC): 17,2 tons
Water: 500 – 1.000
Waste-Water: 2 x 500
Fuel: 500 – 1.600
Solar Generator: 9,000 Wp
E-Motors: 2 X 30KW / 2 x 135kW
Generator: 22 kW / 100 kW
Cruising Speed: 6 – 8 kt / 12 – 15 kt
Top Speed: approx. 12 kt / 20 kt

The Silent Advantage

100% Solar Powered «
Unlimited Cruising Range «
Lifetime Maintenance-free Motors «
Noiseless and Fume-less Luxury Navigation «
No Heat Build-up «
Highest Quality Materials & Craftsmanship «
Safest Marine Propulsion System «
25-year Solar Panels Warranty «
10-year Battery Banks Warranty «

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Exterior Views

Interior Views

Floor Plans

30KW – 60KW

Cruiser Version

Noiseless cruising without any emissions, with unlimited range. The sound of the waves is like music in your ears and there is nothing disturbing this feeling. No struggling with the sails, no pesky ropes, and no diesel engine.

Significantly lower purchasing price and maintenance costs, nearly no maintenance work, operational costs close to nothing and highest level of security and reliability.


E-Power Version

The “E-Power” version (same as the Cruiser version) comes with stronger dual e-motors (2 x 135kW) and more powerful batteries banks (2 x 100kWh). This allows double the power and speed of the “Cruiser version”.

With the “Hybrid Power” version, a hybrid of powerful diesel engines (2 x 150hp or 2 x 300hp) together with the electric motors achieve top speeds of 20+ knots.

20KW – 30KW

Sailor Version

“Sailor” – In addition to the perks of the “Cruiser”, the “Sailor” comes with the added convenience of sails. This is noiseless cruising without any emissions and with unlimited range.

In fair winds, while you are using the sails the batteries are charging. If the wind stops, or if you want to go against headwind, you can continue noiseless driving by switching to the electric propulsion.

Autonomy, Reliability and Safety

  • Light weight glass sandwich composite construction, carbon reinforced
  • Resin infusion and vacuum bagging for strong and lightweight structure
  • High quality and osmosis free Vinylesther resin with high interlaminar shear strength
  • Sophisticated highly torsion resistant hull and bulkhead structure
  • Watertight bulkheads, sealed floor-sections and collision-compartments for ultimate safety
  • Foam sandwich structure of boat acts as thermal and sound insulation
  • Interior furniture acts as reinforcing light weight structure
  • Complete boat in gelcoat laminate surface
  • Built as standard in accordance with CE regulations. USCG on request.
  • 2 x 30 kW high efficient synchronous motors – cruising speed 6-7 kts
  • High-efficiency propellers on saildrives
  • Engine controls and control panels at inside and outside helm
  • Access to engine- / technical-compartments via Cabin and /or via Stern Entrance
  • Engine-compartments ventilation: natural aeration and forced extraction
  • Generator-, engine- and technical compartments sound protected
  • LED-light in each technical compartment
  • 2 x 300 L fuel tank for range extender
  • Equipment includes:
  • Filtration: pre-filter, water-separator and filter
  • Fuel cut-out remote control
  • Fuel filler, aeration
  • Electric reading gauges on chart table
  • 2 rudder blades with stainless steel rudder shaft (except with turnable saildrives)
  • Epoxy tube for rudder bearings
  • Self-aligning upper and lower bearings
  • Hydraulic steering system (except with turnable sail-drives)
  • 30 high-efficiency solar-panels with ~10 kWp in total for propulsion and household
  • MPPT solar charge regulators
  • Range-Extender – sufficient to supply E-motors and household if necessary
  • Lithium Batteries 48 V – sufficient capacity for slow all-night cruising
  • 24 V service batteries with 50 A charger
  • Charger 80 A for 30 kWh 48V Batteries
  • Inverter 15 kVA – sufficient for all standard household appliances
  • Charge-, consumption- and capacity controls for all electric circuits
  • All hoses and pipes are marine grade
  • Fresh water:
  • 500 L fresh water tank (1000 L as option)
  • Fresh water circuit including 2 water pumps (for redundancy)
  • electric boilers for all showers / sinks
  • 1 hand shower on stern platform (H/C)
  • Fresh water filler with error-proof inlet
  • Waste water:
  • 445 L waste water tank with electric macerator pump
  • Drainage circuit:
  • Self-draining cockpit as per CE standards
  • Automatically activated electric bilge pump in each watertight compartment
  • All pumping systems according CE regulations
  • Fuses and interrupters for 12, 24 and 48 V DC and 230 V AC (US Version 110 V)
  • All wiring with tin-coated copper cables of marine grade
  • All cables labelled and numbered and mounted on rails
  • All lights high quality LED
  • Main switchboard for battery level, fuel-, water- and blackwater-levels, navigation lights
  • Shore-power connection with fuse

Interior Design

  • VERSION 3/3: 1 full-width (>7 m) VIP-cabin in the front, 2 VIP-cabins with en-suite bathrooms in the hulls (= 3 cabins, 3 bathrooms)
  • VERSION 4/3: port-side 2 twin- or double-bed cabins sharing 1 bathroom, starboard 1 VIP-cabin with en-suite bathroom, 1 full-width (>7 m) VIP-cabin in the front with en suite bathroom and walk-in-locker (= 4 cabins, 3 bathrooms)
  • VERSION 4/4: 2 double-bed cabins with en suite bathrooms in the front, 2 VIP-cabins with en-suite bathrooms in the hulls (= 4 cabins, 4 bathrooms)
  • VERSION 5/3: 4 twin- or double-bed cabins (2 in each hull) sharing 2 bathrooms, 1 full-width (>7 m) VIP-cabin in the front, (= 5 cabins, 3 bathrooms)
  • VERSION 6/4: 2 double-bed cabins with en suite bathrooms in the front, 4 twin- or double-bed cabins (2 in each hull) sharing 2 bathrooms (= 6 cabins, 4 bathrooms)
  • All bathrooms incl. sink, electric toilet and separate shower.
  • All cabins either with double bed or two single beds.
  • Other versions on request
  • Headroom in the cabins, bathrooms and corridors 2.04 m
  • Headroom in the front-cabin 2,00 m, front-cabin bathrooms /walk-in-closet 2,04 m
  • Headroom in the saloon / kitchen: 2.09 m
  • Large portlights in all cabins
  • Deck-hatches in aft-cabins “flush deck” design
  • Deck-hatches in front-cabins “flush deck” design, shaded by the roof
  • Natural aeration and forced aspiration-system in all cabins / bathrooms
  • Interior furniture built in light weight materials
  • Thermal insulation for excellent room climate
  • All walls lacquered or covered with wood, vinyl leather or Alcantara optic materials
  • Standard interior with mix of modern Maple veneer with white lacquered surfaces and old Oak colored floors. Décor panels in vinyl leather optic.
  • Other Interior veneers like Wengé, Palisander, Oak, Mahogany, Aniegre and Décor Materials are also standard. Special veneers and leathers on request
  • Hand rails in inox, optionally covered with leather
  • All cabin- and bathroom doors in light weight material, high quality, soft closure
  • Door-locks with high quality “anti-rattle” mechanism, all drawers soft closure
  • Port lights and deck hatches in “flush deck” design and CE approved
  • All steps with anti skid surface, LED courtesy-lights
  • Vast panoramic saloon of more than 37 m² – headroom: 2.09 m
  • Window area in standing and seating eye level for all round vision
  • Lifting saloon door – opens at full saloon-width – connecting saloon and cockpit
  • Door in the lifting saloon door, opens separately for access to cockpit
  • Sliding windows on both sides
  • Lifting door and sliding windows transform the closed saloon into an open cockpit-area
  • LED lights
  • Helm-position with steering, engine-controls and -displays, compass
  • Large instrument console for electronic equipment
  • 2 x 230 V (US 110 V) socket, 2 x 12 V sockets
  • Helms-seat for two persons (~115 cm wide)
  • 360° view from the helms-position
  • Vast storage underneath with ~120 cm long drawers
  • “U” shaped sofa with comfortable cushions, could serve as bed (220 x 180)
  • Dining table for 8 persons
  •  “U” shaped kitchen with acrylic stone worktop
  • Sink in acrylic stone optic
  • 230 V (US 110 V) sockets on the worktop
  • Induction cook-top (4 plates)
  • Stainless steel air-extractor above the cooktop
  • Flap with access to waste bin or storage-locker
  • Fridge or side-by-side fridge/ freezer (depending on version)
  • Storage:
    • 1 large locker with shelving (optional dishwasher)
    • 1 large locker with shelving (optional washing-machine/dryer)
    • 1 large locker with shelving, under-sink storage, lockers with shelves and drawers
  • Natural aeration and forced aspiration-system in all cabins / bathrooms
  • Large portlights and flush deck-hatches CE approved
  • 1 large double bed or 2 single beds with slatted base
  • Maritime mattresses in PU-foam with varied densities for greater comfort and restful sleep (140 mm thick), anti-mite, anti-fungus, antibacterial, hypoallergenic
  • Storage under the bed, accessible from the side or from the top
  • Hanging lockers and lockers with shelves, storage boards (depending on version)
  • 2 x 230 V (US 110 V) sockets, 12 V and USB socket
  • LED-ceiling-lights and reading lights back side of the bed
Additionally to the above mentioned features

  • Full-width cabin > 7 m wide
  • 1 large double bed 200 x 180 with side access with slatted base
  • Vast storage area on the bridgedeck alongside the bulkhead
  • Bathroom on port-side with large vanity-table, large shower and 230 V plugs
  • Walk-in locker on starboard with extensive hanging lockers, desk, large mirror and lockers with shelves
  • En-Suite Bathroom in “Version 3 VIP”, “Version 2/2 + 2 VIP” and “Version 4/4”
  • Sink / basin with mixer tap (H/C)
  • Locker under the sink / basin and other locker for various items
  • Upper cabinet with mirror
  • Non-skid flooring
  • Accessories like towel holder, soap-dispenser, paper-holder
  • Electric toilet
  • Separate shower (H/C) with acryl door in each bathroom
  • Storage-shelf and seat in shower
  • 230 V (US 110 V) socket
  • LED spotlights

Additionally to the above mentioned features

  • Generous bathroom
  • Large “king-size” shower
  • Large sink / basin
  • Additional mirror and lockers

Exterior Design

  • Shower (H/C) in starboard transom
  • Inox handrails
  • 1 swimming ladder at transom step
  • 230 V (US 110 V) power outlet and shore-power-input
  • Courtesy- / emergency-lights
  • Large cockpit (20 m²) usable as deck saloon, protected by the roof
  • Large central seating (4,5 m wide) with storage underneath
  • 2 fixed cockpit tables for 8-10 persons
  • All voids are accessible for ropes, fenders, cushions etc.
  • Stairs to flybridge
  • Access through liftable stairways
  • Sufficient space for generator and all other technical components
  • Space for a motorbike, watertoys etc. (only on “cruiser”-version)
  • Sound-protected, LED-light, 230 V socket
  • 2 deck-hatches for access to forward storage-compartments
  • 1.500 W electric windlass with gipsy (10 mm chain) and capstan
  • Composite longitudinal compression-beam, comfortable trampolines made of UV-resistant heavy duty mesh
  • Central Helm Station with Engine Control and Navigation equipment
  • Sofa with table and sun-beds
  • Fixed solar-roof (optionally retractable)
  • 10 mooring cleats total (2 x stern, 2 x mid-ship, 1 x bow on each hull)
  • 2 pad-eyes to attach the lifelines
  • 900 mm inox stanchions with inox handrail
  • Pulpit in stainless steel, Bow Seats with teak
  • Silent Yachts logo on sides of coach roof, Model name on each hull
For boats sold in USA only

  • 110 V electrical panel, 110 V sockets

For more information about purchasing a new vessel, owner assistance, financial services or our purchase programs, contact:


Mathias May
Director Global Sales
+49 175 640 5303