Especially during the last couple of months print- as well as online-media published a variety of reports about SILENT-YACHTS’ latest achievements and production news. Therefore we invite you to have a closer look into our media reports page, where we present many of these publications in a chronological arrangement as shown above from 2017 until today. You get there either by selecting the subsection “MEDIA” on our website or by clicking here.

We feel honoured about the affirmative reports SILENT-YACHTS receives from all over Europe, Australia, Asia and the United States and we are pleased to see that we can play a leading role in the development of solar-powered and environmentally friendly luxury yachting. In addition please check out what TV and online media report about SILENT-YACHTS on video via our related Youtube playlist!

We would like to invite you to stop by from time to time to see what others write and say about SILENT-YACHTS and to be part of our SILENT journey….