Powering The New Generation Yachts

The propulsion and the energy-system of the future.

A Silent Yachts virtually have unlimited range – also when the sun is not shining. In case of longer periods of bad weather, the range-extender starts automatically when the batteries are low. The energy is stored in the batteries and can also be used in bad weather-conditions and during the night. The light-weight Lithium-Batteries (same used in Tesla vehicles) provide ample energy for the propulsion as well as for all household appliances – 230 V (110 V) day and night (24/7!) for television, air-conditioning, ice-machine, water-maker, laptop and much more. No need to search for a marina to charge the batteries, to get ice, to refuel or to fill your water tanks.

Speed- Solely powered by electric motors, a Silent-Yacht has a cruising speed of 6-8 knots and reaches a maximum speed of more than 10 knots. With diesel engines the “E-Power” version has a cruising speed of 15-20 knots and a maximum speed of more than 20 knots, depending on the chosen engine configuration.

Efficiency and Weight

The underwater lines are optimized by CFD and towing-tank tests. The impressive weight reduction is a result of the bionic design and the use of carbon fibers and epoxy resins. The interior furniture is made of stiff and ultra-light honeycomb composite plates with laminated real wood-veneer. Furniture and tanks are structurally integrated into the hull. This reduces the weight significantly to about half the weight of a conventionally constructed and powered yacht of same size and comfort.Each unit of mass eliminated means less wave drag and friction and therefore less energy required to move the boat. This unique efficiency makes them fast and enables self-sufficient propulsion. Salon and cabins are wrapped in insulating materials, all windows are shaded by the roof or the hull. This reduces the heat up of the interior and thus the energy required to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature- level.


Each kilogram less means less energy required to move the boat. A Silent Yacht has only half the weight compared to conventionally constructed and powered yacht. Thus, they are twice more efficient and faster. This enormous weight reduction is due to weight optimizing design, high quality materials (Carbon, Aramid, Epoxy resin) and elaborate construction techniques.


There are various types of lithium batteries on the market. The brand we are using is among the highest quality regarding liability, safety, performance, weight and lifespan.