SILENT 64 The History Maker

In February 2018, our SILENT 64 broke all existing borders and expectations. As the very first – fully solar powered – production yacht in the history of nautical travel, the SILENT 64 yacht crossed the entire Atlantic Ocean. This extraordinary achievement proved the outstanding durability and efficiency of the SILENT-YACHT solar-electric drivetrain even during unfavorable and rough weather conditions.

Has been discontinued & substituted by the SILENT 60.

Exterior Views

A client’s SILENT 64 which we built in 2015 (rebranded and marketed as “Serenity”) arriving at Cannes Yachting Festival 2018.

Interior Views

Deck Experience

360º Panorama

Solarwave 64

Floor Plans


Length overall: 19,43 m (64‘)
Beam overall: 9,5 m (31,2‘)
Draft: 1,1 m (3,6‘)
Light displacement: 25 tons
Water: 1.000 L
Wastewater: 2 x 400 L
Fuel: 1.000 L
Solar panels: 15 kWp

Crusing speed: 6 – 8 kt 

Top speed: 11 – 20 knots
Certification: CE–A
Range: Trans-Ocean

The SILENT Advantage

8 Years warranty for the battery banks
25 Years warranty for the solar panels
Lifetime warranty for the electric motors
100% Solar powered
Unlimited cruising range
Lifetime maintenance-free motors
Noiseless and fume-less luxury navigation
No heat build-up
Highest quality materials & craftsmanship
Safest marine propulsion system

Propulsion Options