Michael Köhler, Mag. iur.
Michael Köhler is the founder and CEO of SILENT-YACHTS, and creator of the first and only oceangoing production yachts in the world which are fully solar sustainable and powered by solar energy.

Upon completing his University studies, Mr. Köhler practiced law for several years prior to transitioning to another profession and following his life-long interest in the marine industry. He immediately began his research to optimize the energy system on conventionally equipped yachts from a propane-based galley to fully electric and from ICE to an electric propulsion system.

Convinced that there had to be a better way to address a yacht´s energy supply and propulsion process, Michael and his wife, Heike Köhler, embarked on a four year program to test, analyze and review alternate sources of power, with emphasis on self-sufficient power supply and electric propulsion. For that purpose they equipped a testing vessel in 2005, cruised the Med and the Caribbean and even crossed the Atlantic Ocean to validate their findings.

In 2009, the Köhler’s developed the “Solarwave 46”, widely acknowledged as the first oceangoing yacht to power propulsion and all appliances exclusively by solar. They tested this unique yacht for another 4 years in all conditions and even cruised 12.000 nm powered purely by the sun – no generator, no shorepower.

During the last decade, Mr. Köhler has given 150 lectures the world over on energy supply and propulsion on yachts, in addition to publishing a book on the subject, titled “Energy Supply on Yachts”.

Based on this unique expertise, he has developed five solar-electric yacht models: Solarwave 46, SILENT 55, SILENT 60, SILENT 64 and SILENT 80. Since 2012, both Michael and SILENT-YACHTS have received numerous awards for the innovation and commercial development of his concept, as well as global recognition for improving ocean health.

More than 1,000 articles and reports have appeared in worldwide publications and print media about Solarwave- and SILENT-YACHTS, and Mr. Köhler has been a featured guest on numerous radio and television shows discussing his revolutionary technology, many reports were broadcast on international television about his Solarwave- and Silent-Yachts. He is universally recognized as perhaps the world´s leading authority on the application of solar technology to the yachting industry.

MICHAEL KÖHLER, Mag. iur.Founder, CEO and Technical Development
Nautical CV:
He spent nearly half of his life on his own boats
and cruised more than 75.000 miles since 1982.
He has several international skipper licenses.
After several years of testing he developed
Solarwave 46 (2009), SILENT-Solarwave 64 (2015)
SILENT 55 (2016), SILENT 75 (2017), SILENT 79/80 (2018).
HEIKE KÖHLERCo-Founder & Interior Layout
Nautical CV:
More than 20.000 miles as skipper.
Several skipper licenses.
Since 2006 involved in the development of
Solarwave 46 (2009), SILENT-Solarwave 64 (2015)
SILENT 55 (2016), SILENT 75 (2017), SILENT 79/80 (2018).
PETER HOIExecutive Assistant
10+ years of experience as Charter Sales Director in
Business Aviation and Jet Management.
Fair Agent and Head of Sales for Motor Yachts.
Passionate in Sales and Customer Service regarding Yachts and Airplanes.

MATHIAS MAYInternational Sales
Technical background in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Industry
Nautical CV: Extensive cruising experience of over 50,000 NM while sailing all over the world, e.g. Pacific, Asia, USA. Owner of several International Boat Licenses as well as for the commercial operation of ocean-going yachts.
Awarded with the Silver Globe for a sailing trip from Spain to Myanmar in 2017.
WERNER PUNTSCHARTInternational Sales
“If you want to build a ship, don’t tell men, to get wood, don’t assign them tasks, and don’t divide work to them, but teach them to long for the vast, endless sea!” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

25+ years of experience in Sales & Top Management Roles.
Passionate in boats, sea and environment.
Skilled skipper living his dream.

FRANZ BÖSEMarketing & Sales
Master of Business Administration (MBA).
Owner of an RYA Motorboat license.
Experience in renewable energies, e.g wind farm projects.
Former sales employee at TESLA with emphasis on energy products.
UFUK TÜRKESCaptain / Technical Consultant
Nautical CV:
More than 20.000 miles as captain
on several Motoryachts between 22 and 50 meters.
Controlling of Superyacht construction projects.
500 tons Commercial Master License.
MIKE WANDLER, Dipl.Ing.Graduated Electrical Engineer / Commercial Captain / Technical Controlling
Nautical CV:
Since 1980 more than 95.000 miles as Captain
on several superyachts up to 50 meters.
Controlling and refit of Superyacht construction projects.
3.000 Tons Commercial Master License.
Edward R. Sacks has had a lengthy career operating, acquiring and developing companies within a diverse cross-section of industries.

He has been described by one international yachting publication as a “Renaissance man…the consummate American businessman and yachtsman.”

KERSTIN WEISSInternational Marketing
Studied “Exportoriented Management” with strong focus on International Marketing & Sales in combination with Foreign Languages.

Lived and worked in France for a few years.
Innovative & passionate Marketing Manager.
Curious to learn all about SILENT cruising.